The NCDURP updates!

Remember, those are in chronological order B]

'Ahh yes. So, days have passed and it looks like I'm still in heckwhere with the game. That is, actually, untrue (surprisingly)! Whenever I manage to get some time off, I am able to do some more with the game. The new inventory system that I've started using takes some time to... well. Get used to. I'm still trying to grasp everything that's going on with it AND with javascript. It's probably very obvious that I hate js. Yes. I loathe javascript. I don't like it. So getting through this blockade feels like going through thorned bushes with no direction, when you're not even sure if you're walking in circles anymore or not. But, I'm managing, and I'm trying very hard to understand this and get it to work.
It might seem a bit weird that I haven't started with a proper inventory much earlier. Well. I initially thought that I'd pull through fine on my own, with whatever the hell I manage to construct. That was not the case this time, sadly. The inventory and all the hell that I came up with did not and would not work as intented, most likely ue to my own lack of knowledge. It's honestly just easier and more time efficient to use UInv and learn what little I have to do with it, so I can simply roll on and *move* on to the rest of the things.
Now, the story and map itself. The story is... pretty much finished. I know what to put where, I know how long it is. I'm still not sure how long the game will be, honestly! It's hard to estimate the length yet. But, overall, the story will be pretty linear with the endings having slight variations - and, additionally, a few 'extra' endings, which are either easter eggs or just silly bonuses. Overall, it will have some replayability value for sure, but how much it's worth it? I will leave that jugement to the players.
The map turned out pretty vast. Like, it really turned out huge. Writing just the descriptions of all the locations is making me slightly weary. I tried to downsize it a little bit and I think I did a pretty good goddamn job. Still really tiring though.

Aaaand that's the update for today! It's about as much as I can say without spoilering too hard. I'm not even thinking of making images for the thing anymore because of how many times I've rewritten the passages, lol. Hope I can update soon!

'Hello and welcome to the saddest NCDURP update yet. I feel like it's very obvious that as a one man team, it's really hard to do... well, anything. It's pretty hard to learn how to code from scratch, how to properly do everything and such. Part of this sad update is the fact that I've had to switch engines and have to start from zero. Now would be a good time to ask, "but, but, why?", and I am about to answer that.
NCDURP has greatly outgrown it's initial short adventure scope. Those are the facts. It can no longer be contained as a simple text adventure, as text lacks the things that would improve the overall feeling of the game. Therefore, I decided to move to a different game engine - LOVE. You write in Lua, it's quite simple and easy to learn (plus I already know it a bit) and has a helpful and nice community. That means that I don't have to draw thousands of images for each choice! Yay! But it means I have to make spritesheets. And write everything. On the other hand, it will allow the player more combat freedom and it will allow me to put in the secrets that I wanted to, but with much less effort to make them secrets, if that makes sense. That's why this is taking even more time, as I need to properly make everything. Will update as I go. Cheers!

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