So, you really want to know more about this motherfucker eh. Well.

The very idea of the teeth game was... an accident. We messed around and I jokingly said "what if we made a teeth game?" and things just rolled downhill from there. Initially it was supposed to be a collaborative project, but due to my own really, really really busy schedule, it didn't really hold up.

Either way, the game didn't happen ( yet ) - but what is happening so far is planning things out.

It's pretty hard to make a proper game and... a homebrew rpg. Yep! I want the teeth game to be out in two versions that have different things to offer. Both wound up being more silly than anything, but are still workable. Besides, it's just a silly inside joke anyway. That's the best part.

What does the base game have ( so far ) :

Illustrations. A lot of them. So many that I, in fact, consider this a pretty huge side-project that I really need to take my time with. They're all really bad medieval times stylized, too.

Species has no effect on your skills and general capabilities. At best/worst, it only has effects on a few spells. Basically, you can be anything you want but just keep it rational.

Teeth are currency, health, spells/upgrades and sometimes, rarely, weapons. Their rarity changes with enemies. Teeth theft is a common thing. Teeth from special enemies have special effects that can be used for different things or saved up/exchanged for better items. It's your choice on what to do with them.

A few 3d models.. I plan to do this in the crispy 3d -> 2d style that I am enamored with. I have only a few, very, VERY early models for now. They're rough around the edges and I yet have to make proper textures. Things are going slowly, but are going!


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// EFDN teeth emergency protocol has [ begun ] // Ryk contained in a cave [ temporarily ] // Nerfing Axel due to glitches [ again ] // Please pet the local werewolf // Local 'villain' Ivy goes on a rampage; harmed: 1 [ themselves ] // Dragon teeth lost, if found, please return to [ Mysterious Shopkeeper ] // Do not harm the worms in the dirt // Awoo'ing allowed and encouraged // Please keep [ milf ] away from [ Grandma ] // Do not touch the [ "cat" ] //